About QABA’s Qualified Behavior Analyst (QBA®) Certification

QBA certificants are mastery-level interventionists with advanced knowledge of applied behavior analysis (ABA) and have training and experience with individuals with autism spectrum disorders (ASD). QBAs provide program planning, assessment, data analysis and direct-care oversight for all aspects of behavior programs. Additionally, QBAs supervise the direct-care instructional staff (ABAT/behavior technicians), mid-tier supervisors (QASP-S), and collaborative care providers.

Target Audience

Individuals with a master’s degree or above in a related field and with specific education, training, and extensive applied fieldwork in ABA, including experience and specialization in autism and related disorders.

Eligibility Requirements

  1. Must be at least 18 years old
  2. Possess a master’s degree from an accredited institution in a related field, i.e. ABA, education, special education, psychology, social work, or other related health professions
  3. Must have completed 270 hours of approved ABA, ethics, autism coursework
  4. Training must be developed by an accredited institution or a Qualified Behavior Analyst or above professional who is licensed or credentialed in the scope of the subject matter
  5. 1500 hours of supervised fieldwork with a minimum of 900 hours in an oversight or supervisory role (conducting/analyzing assessment, developing treatment plans, training staff or parents, etc.)
  6. Recommendation from their supervisor
  7. Criminal background check conducted by the QABA® Board through 3rd-party background check provider or attestation letter from their employer
  8. Successful passing of exam proctored by Examity
  9. Agreement to the code of ethics
  10. Final review of all eligibility criteria at QABA® Board committee meeting before formal credentialing
  11. Placement on public registry
  12. Renewal required every two years including verification of the completion of 32 continuing education units, criminal background check, and agreement to code of ethics

Difference between ABAT, QASP-S, and QBA Credentials

  • The ABAT is an entry level interventionist who serves as a direct one-to-one instructor. They are under the supervision of a QASP-S (mid-tier interventionist) and/or QBA or other master’s level or above licensed or credentialed professional.
  • The QASP-S is a mid-tier interventionist who serves as an experienced instructor and may also provide training to staff/families, monitor the progress of goals and objectives, and provide supervision to entry-level staff. They are under the supervision of a QBA or other master’s level or above licensed or credentialed professional.
  • QBAs are mastery level interventionists who provide ABA program oversight, supervision, assessment, analysis of data, goal development, and other aspects of treatment and ethical integrity.