Renewals, Eligibility, CEUs and Training Requirements

All previously renewed candidates and new candidates scheduled to take the test should use the intervals below to determine their next renewal deadline. There are four deadlines for renewals.

There are 12 CEUs due for the ABAT, 20 CEUs for the QASP-S, and 32 CEUs for the QBA due at the 2-year renewal deadline. A minimum of 25% of the hours must be live (3 out of 12 for ABAT, 5 for QASP-S and the QBA). In addition, a minimum of 1 hour for ethics for the ABAT, 2 hours for the QASP-S, and 3 hours of ethics for the QBA. Renewals may be done up to 60 days prior to the deadline.

Click here for chart of the renewal schedule.

Approved CEUs

All CEUs must have a certificate of attendance with a signature and the printed name of the presenter. Presenters must be in a related field with a master’s degree or above.

Type CEU Restrictions
National/State ABA or related field associations (i.e. ABAI) 1 per clock hour None
University coursework* (related field) 1 per clock hour None
Approved QABA Provider 1 per clock hour None

Non-Preapproved QABA Provider

1 per clock hour 2 CE
Participation in QABA Committee or development 1 per clock hour 2 CE ABAT/4 QASP-S/4 QBA
Poster presentation 1 per poster 1 CE
Authorship article/Presentation 3 per paper/presentation 3 CE

All CEUs must have a certificate of attendance with the signature and printed name of the presenter. Presenter must be by a master’s level or above and be in a related field.

*College/university coursework may be considered following approval. Transcripts and curriculum must be provided and approved. Only subject matter specifically addressing the field of ABA, special education, autism, developmental disability and similar subjects can be considered. The number of credits the course equals the number of CEU credits, for example, a 3-credit course equals 3 CEUs.

The QASP-S requires a supervisor (master’s level or above) to complete the on-line supervisor attestation form. Candidates must complete the 8 hours of supervisory coursework. They are required to have 5% of direct care hours supervised; however, once the QASP-S has completed an additional 500 hours as a QASP-S, they may reduce the supervisor level to 2% with at least one contact in person one-to-one every 180 days.

Ongoing Supervision Requirements

Every 90 days, a QASP-S is required to meet with his/her supervisor for 5% of the time they provide direct services to a client. The 5% supervision can be done remotely, using a HIPAA compliant video conferencing program; however, one of the contacts must be one-to-one in-person for a minimum of 1 hour.

If in-person supervision requirements place a hardship on the service provider or supervisor, or jeopardizes the provision of services, contact [email protected] to request a variance of this requirement. All variances are reviewed by the QABA Board for approval.

If you received a QASP-S certification prior to August 15, 2019, you will need to submit proof of completing 8 hours of supervisory coursework. For a complete description of the 8-hour coursework, please click HERE.

For any questions call the QABA office at 877-220-1839