QASP-S® Supervision Requirements

Our Qualified Autism Services Practitioner – Supervisor (QASP-S®) supervision requirement supports our mission to ensure best practice across QABA’s three-tiered model. QASP-S®s provide services under the ongoing supervision of higher certificants. This close supervision provides both oversight for clients and serves to help QASP-S®s expand their skills under the tutelage of experienced practitioners.

Supervision must be documented using the QABA supervision log and verification forms located under the Forms section on the QABA website. Supervision must be validated and completed by a qualified supervisor and is the responsibility of the QASP-S® to maintain documentation.

Valid Supervisors include:

  • QBA®
  • Certified Behavior Analyst from an accredited certifying body
  • An individual licensed or certified in another health profession, including behavior analysis, and is within the scope of the competency of their license/certificate.

Supervision Hours

Each QASP-S® is required to meet with his or her supervisor for 5% of the time they provide behavior analytic services every 3-month period for the first 500 hours of fieldwork. Supervision can be done remotely, using a HIPAA compliant video conferencing program; however, one contact must be one-to-one in-person for a minimum of 1 hour. Once the QASP-S® has completed an additional 500 hours of fieldwork, the rate of supervision is reduced to 2% of every 3-month period upon approval of their supervisor. One contact must be one-to-one in person for a minimum of 1 hour. 50% of supervision hours may occur in a group setting.

When in-person supervision requirement places a hardship on the service provider or supervisor, or jeopardizes the provision of services, contact [email protected] to request a variance of this requirement. All variances are reviewed by the QABA Board for approval.

Supervision Activity

Supervisors communicate performance expectations and evaluate QASP-S®s for overall performance. Through observation and modeling, they provide ongoing behavioral skills training and continual performance feedback. Supervisors model best practice in all aspects of the ABA field, including technical, professional performance and ethical behavior. Supervisors record data and monitor daily progress of QASP-S®’s adherence to and delivery of client behavior therapy plans.

Supervisor Eligibility Requirements

Supervisors must complete QABA’s required supervisory coursework before providing supervision of QASP-S®s. All supervisors must possess current credentials and fulfilled the requirements as outlined in the candidate handbooks on the QABA website