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The Qualified Applied Behavior Analysis Credentialing Board (QABA®) is an internationally-accredited credentialing agency dedicated to ensuring the highest standard of care among professionals providing applied behavioral analysis (ABA) services.


  • QABA is dedicated to evidence-based best practice
  • QABA is internationally accredited through ANSI
  • QABA-certified professionals are validated in all aspects of ABA
    including knowledge of autism
  • 3 tiers of credentialing for all levels of care
  • Prompt and friendly customer service
  • Online proctored exam, conveniently available 24/7
  • Exam results immediately available upon completion

Applied Behavior Analysis Technician (ABAT®) Certification

  • Supports Individuals in need of ABA services
  • Meets funding resource requirements
  • Internationally accredited through ANSI
  • Legally defensible
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Qualified Autism Services Practitioner Supervisor (QASP-S®) Certification

  • Skilled direct care provider
  • Supervises ABAT technicians under certified and licensed professionals
  • Develops supervisee skills, competence and confidence
  • Participates in ongoing professional development
  • Internationally accredited through ANSI
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Qualified Behavior Analyst (QBA®) Certification

  • Masters-level+ ABA professional
  • Establishes and monitors individual treatment plans
  • Assesses and analyzes data and goal development
  • Oversees all aspects of client treatment
  • Supervises ABAT and QASP-S clinicians
  • Internationally accredited through ANSI
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