QABA International Standards Committee

The purpose of QABA’s International Standards Committee is to serve as a liaison between the QABA Credentialing Board and professionals in the field of applied behavior analysis (ABA) worldwide. The International Standards Committee reviews international standards of practice, determines preparatory equivalence, addresses cultural considerations, and ensures uniformity of best practice among all participants. Committee members represent a variety of countries and are subject matter experts in ABA and autism.

Christine DerSarkissian, QBA
Christine DerSarkissian, QBA, BCBA, IBA, is the co-founder and general manager of at Karim- Early Behavioral Intervention Specialized Ambassadors (EBISA). The center aims to train paraprofessionals to provide evidence-based behavioral services and improve the behavior and abilities of individuals with special needs. Christine is the former president of the Association for Behavior Analysis-Lebanon (ABAL). She is also the project coordinator and consultant with Autism-MENA, Jordan. Her responsibilities focus on designing the Autism Technician Developmental Program and on training special educators to become Autism Technicians. She has also participated and presented several lectures and seminars in Lebanon, Syria, Armenia, Dubai, Jordan, and Saudi Arabia.
Diana Febres Cordero, QBA
Diana Febres-Cordero, QBA, has a passion for the field of autism and ABA. She has taught and conducted research, modified curriculum, and administered assessments. Her expertise focuses on the development of communication (vocal language and language acquisition), social skills, independence, and academic literacy of young children with autism and other disabilities.
Dr. Aida Tarifa Rodriguez, QBA
Aida Tarifa Rodriguez, QBA, is the Assistant Director of ABA España and has worked with children with autism spectrum disorder for 14 years delivering ABA. She has worked in schools, hospitals, nursing homes, among other settings in different countries of the world. Her passion is working directly with clients and supervising students and early-career professionals.
Dr. Daniel Moonbong Yang, QBA
Republic of Korea
Dr. Daniel Moonbong Yang, QBA, is the first QBA in Korea and has 35 years of experience in the field of autism and other developmental disabilities for adults and children. He is working as an Associate Professor at Baekseok University and Eduvision Co-CEO.
Dr. Geetika Agarwal, QBA
Dr. Geetika Agarwal, QBA, is an Assistant Teaching Professor (ABA) at Ball State University and an Associate Director of Stepping Stones Center, an ABA based school in Bangalore India. She is committed to making the science of behavior analysis accessible to parents and caregivers of children with autism and other developmental disabilities.
Dr. Ivana Krstovka
Czech Republic
Dr. Ivana Krstovska, Licensed Psychologist, conducts behavioral and psychological evaluations and provides training in behavior modification and classroom management for early intervention, preschool and school-based organizations and programs. Her clinical and research interests focus on building early social-communication skills in young children with ASD, such as teaching, requesting, joint attention, developing play skills, replacing problem behavior with functional communication, and providing parent and staff training.
Dr. Mariela Feldman EdD, QBA
Dr. Mariela Feldman EdD, QBA, BCBA specializes in the treatment of children with autism spectrum disorder and related special needs. She has 23 years of experience in the field.
Dr. Feldman oversees the provision of all services at ACT and is supported by highly-trained clinicians in the field. Dr. Feldman has also run social skills groups at PVPUSD to help facilitate integration amongst all children. She has appeared on the TV show, “Los Niños en su Casa,” (the Spanish version of “A Place of Our Own,”) as the Autism Expert on KCET. She has taught behavior analyst courses at National University in Los Angeles and has presented at many conferences.
Dr. Sakurako Tanaka
Dr. Tanaka's son was diagnosed with autism at age four and began receiving Early Intensive Behavior Intervention (EIBI) while she was in her post-doctorate residency. Dr. Tanaka is the honorary chairperson of ABA Speaks (formerly “Parents for Public Funding for Children with Autism”) in Japan and an approved QABA coursework provider.
Eziafakaku Nwokolo, PhD, QBA
Dr Eziafakaku Nwokolo is an autism and intellectual disabilities specialist. She holds a PhD in Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities from the University of Kent, where her research focused on “Screening for Autism and Intellectual Disabilities Amongst the Nigerian Adolescent Population.” She is the Founder and CEO of Shades of Life Care Limited (SOL), a centre that provides assessment, diagnosis, and intervention strategies to families with children that have behavioural challenges, autism spectrum disorder (ASD), as well as intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD). Through her work with SOL, she is helping improve access to ASD and IDD support in Nigeria. She is an NGO that was created to give indigent families the financial support needed to provide their children with autism and other neurodivergent needs, access to the best therapy and resources.
Maribel Stikeleather, QBA
Maribel Stikeleather, QBA, desires to support individuals with exceptional needs enhancing their quality of life and integration into society. She provides services to organizations, institutions, families, and individuals diagnosed with autism and other developmental disorders, including intervention in the home, community-based, or school setting.
Tony Louw, QBA
Tony Louw, QBA, is the founder and managing director of Learning Strategies, a Center providing psychological support services for children, adolescents, and adults in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Tony has been responsible for the delivery of ABA intervention programs for children and adolescents diagnosed with autism for over 20 years and has worked in countries throughout Europe and Asia. Tony has been living in Vietnam since 2006 where he works with local and expatriate clients in clinical, home, and school settings. Tony oversees a team of around 20 Vietnamese behavioral therapists and leads the first Centre in Vietnam to be a credentialed coursework provider for QABA.
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