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The QABA Credentialing Board is committed to providing certifications for Applied Behavior Analysis in Africa. The QABA has formed the International Standards Committee which includes professionals across the globe. The committee has strong representation from Africa to ensure practitioners have access to accredited certifications in ABA.The goal is for individuals with autism and other disabilities across Africa to receive treatment from a certified practitioner. To ensure every child across Africa receives standardized care from practitioners, certification that is accredited plays a fundamental role on this journey.

Some of our Certificants in Africa:

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What do people say?

“QABA is committed to empowerment in Africa!”
Dr. Usifo Edward Asikhia
Clinical Director at ITC-ABA
“The QABA Board has provided a veritable platform for professionals in Africa , specifically in Nigeria to receive international certifications as proof that they have gone through competent trainings and supervision. The ABA competencies which is covered at the three certification tier levels are specific and relevant to autism and related disorders. This has ensured that ABA professionals receive the training in a manner that is specific to their practice and are able to make a difference in the lives of individuals on the autism spectrum. "
Daisy Jonathan
MSc. Sped, QASP-S
“The mission of QABA emphasizes making high level professional ABA services accessible to all individuals. With our on-line exam capabilities and a 3-tier model of service provision, QABA allows support for more providers and subsequently more clients receiving services all over the world. Remote locations or limited access to exam testing sites no longer limit the public from having access to trained, supervised, motivated professionals."
Dr. Kathy Niager
Former Board President

The Certifications

  • Supports individuals with Autism and related disorders.
  • Meets funding resource requirements.
  • Internationally accredited through ANSI.
  • Legally defensible.
  • Ability to provide behavior support and skill through acquisition plans.
  • Represents ability to assist in data collection and implementation to improve behavioral support.
  • Enforce skill and hands-on techniques to overcome performance deficits.
  • Implement naturalistic teaching models.
  • Uphold a working knowledge of the mechanism and strategies for effectively supporting and assisting with skill and behavior development in individuals diagnosed with Autism.
  • Enrich and encourage progress in the lives of those living with disabilities through hands-on support services.

  • Skilled direct care provider.
  • Supervises ABAT technicians under licensed professionals.
  • Develops supervisee skills, competence, and confidence.
  • Participates in ongoing professional development.
  • Internationally accredited through ANSI.
  • Demonstrates and acts on the ability to conduct themselves as an experienced instructor that provides training to staff and families.
  • Hold a license or credential within the scope of applied behavior analysis (ABA) and Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).
  • Ability to demonstrate competence as a professional to protect the safety and welfare of the public.
  • Use of specialized ABA training and clinical skills to utilize ABA across a range of environments and with a variety of clients.
  • Ensures and supervises individual treatment programs.
  • Performs point of service supervisory role.
  • Masters-level ABA professionals with Autism specialization.
  • Establishes and monitors individual treatment plans.
  • Assess and analyzes data and goal development.
  • Oversees all aspects of client treatment.
  • Internationally accredited through ANSI
  • Will adhere to the highest level of ethical behavior and supervision.
  • Participate in uplifting and progressing the professional ABA community.
  • Demonstrate an ethical and honest supervisory role.
  • Supervise and coordinate client care with other professionals who may contribute to overall treatment efficacy.
  • Perform a supervisory role over those performing direct care (ABAT), as well as those providing middle tier supervision (QASP-S).

QABA Pre-Approved Coursework Providers in Africa

QABA’s International Standards Committee and Certificants from Africa, ABAI Boston 2022
ABA Africa Boston 2022 (1)ABA Africa Boston 2022 (1)
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